Planters, window box planters, and letter boxes Perth are really great ways to add character to the outside of your house. They change the look, give it more homely feel, and send a statement to the world about you and your family. Which means that you want them done right to create the exact effect that you’re after. Just as a really good set of crafted planter boxes and letter box speak volumes about the care you’re investing in your family home, so a hastily knocked together box sends out an unfortunately clear message the other way. So have your planters and letter box crafted for you by the professionals at Bricklayers Perth WA.

Letter Boxes

Sure you can buy a metal letter box right off the shelf but then you’ve got the same letter box as everyone else out there. Having your own wooden letter box built for you is an inexpensive and stylish way of customising your home that you will take pleasure from every single day. Even if the letters are all bills at least you can enjoy the craftsmanship of your letter box as you go to get them. Bricklayer Perth WA has a wide range of style ideas we can show you and custom build for you, or maybe you have your own unique ideas you’d like us to make real. Send us a picture of what you want and we’ll quote you.


perth bricklayingPlanter Boxes

Rendered Planter boxes are just great if you’ve got itchy green thumbs but not a lot of space or poor soil or perhaps there’s a concrete area you’d like to transform into your very own splash of greenery. Planter boxes make it easy to control the micro terrain of your new gardening space with the right soil and drainage for the plants you want. Plus they help keep food plants out of the reach of animal pests. There is pretty much no limit to the number of different shapes, sizes, and styles of planter box we can build for you at Bricklayer Perth WA so come talk to us today about reinventing your outdoor spaces.

Planter Box Furniture

As well as being spaces to grow flowers and food a planter box can have other uses – if it’s built by craftsmen with the know how to do it. Ask Bricklayer Perth WA about how planters can be combined with trellis to create visual barriers for privacy, or can be combined with benches to transform a featureless corner into a leafy nook to hang out in.

Window Planter Boxes

Window boxes are a fantastic way to increase your growing space and transform the outside of your house. They create garden space for growing where before there was nothing, they bring a splash of green to your view every time you look outside, and they show the world that your home is a place of growth and nurture. Talk to Bricklayer Perth WA about how our window boxes can literally bring new life to your home.

Transform your dreams into reality with the masterful craftsmanship of Bricklayer Perth WA’s general construction services. From unique residential projects to commercial developments, our expert team brings innovation and precision to every build. Don’t settle for ordinary – choose excellence and bring your construction vision to life with us today!


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