Good boundary walls make for good neighbors, and clearly define the borders of your property as well as preventing trespass by people or animals. There are as many types of boundary wall as there are boundaries and homes and whether you are looking for a purposeful solid brick wall or fencing to provide privacy or simply a neat demarcation line then Bricklayer Perth WA can provide what you are looking for.

Planning and Permits

There are different types of boundary walls. Party walls are usually understood to be walls shared between two houses that share them but it is also possible to have a party boundary wall where the wall itself straddles the dividing line between the properties. That means responsibility for it and costs are shared between the neighbors. Alternatively a boundary can be built purely on your property and marks the divide, in which case the wall itself remains your responsibility. The placing of a new boundary wall may well require local authority permission including proof of the legal boundaries. All of which must be shown on the plans. Sound like a pain? It can be, which is why you should let Bricklayer Perth WA take the strain for the planning and helping you get any permission needed. We’ve done this before so give us a call.


bricklayers perthBuilding to Your Plan With The Help Of Bricklayers Perth

If you have an idea of what you want for your boundary wall then we are happy to build a custom wall for you. Perhaps you’ve seen something and taken some pictures, or come across it on Pinterest. Share your dream with us at Bricklayer Perth WA and we will turn your dream into a reality. We will take care of the survey, the permissions, the footings, and the wall itself from plan right through to the last lick of paint.

Building to Our Plan For Reliable Brickworks Perth

No idea of what your boundary wall should look like? No idea how high, or what it should be made of? No problem at all. We can show you a back catalog of walls we have built for happy customers and explain what would work best given the nature of your property and the role it needs to play. We’re masters of boundaries at Home Bricklayer Perth WA so why not borrow our experience and know how to plan the perfect boundary for your home.

Restoring Existing Boundary Walls

By their nature boundary walls are outdoors and that means they have to deal with everything that nature throws at them. Perth enjoys hot summers as well as some heavy rainfall and those two together mean that soil moves and puts pressure on existing boundary walls as it does so. Which leaves you with a boundary wall that cracks, bulges, or falls down – hardly the face you want to present to the world or the perimeter you need to keep out trespassers. So call Bricklayer Perth WA and have us come and survey the damage and quote you happy on making your boundary everything it should be. We also offer rendering Perth, and retaining walls Perth services. Contact us today!


​Bricklayer Perth WA is a team of qualified and professional brick workers, block workers, carpenters, and general construction staff based in the Northern Suburbs of Perth. If you’re looking for a friendly, reliable, and affordable construction company near you then look no further because you just found us. Call us today, or send us your questions or your photos of work that needs to be done via the email on our email form.