Naturally we do brickwork, but we also do block work, carpentry, and concrete. We have the experience and the skills for all kinds of general construction on budget and on time so if you are looking for a bricklayer or general construction contractor near you in Perth then Bricklayer Perth WA is the answer to your problems. Give us a call now.

Types of Work Bricklayer Perth WA Do

Bricklayer Perth WA are the master builders when it comes to bricklaying and that includes boundary walls, restraining walls, outbuildings and brick paving but we also supply skilled and unskilled manual labor to help dig foundations, fountains, and footings. We move garden soil, put up fences, renovate your house, build outbuildings, render walls, and undertake general construction. There’s not a lot we can’t turn our hands to so give us a call at Bricklayer Perth WA and have our muscle and skills applied to your construction project.


perth bricklayersRegistered, Inducted Builders

You don’t want just anybody to take on construction work on your property. You want qualified bricklayers who know what they’re doing. Depending on the client and the type of work general constructors in Western Australia may need an induction card to comply with health and safety regulations. They may also need insurance and for certain jobs they should be qualified in their trade. Bricklayer Perth WA are truly professional, registered and insured craftspeople in the bricklaying and general construction trade. You can count on us, even if your contract requires white card inducted workers.


We don’t just build new-build brickwork and fences, we also undertake repairs of work done by other companies. We are experts in brickwork and general masonry, fences, footings, and floors and as well as setting things to rights structurally we can completely transform aging brick work with beautiful rendering to any style. We can revamp all brickwork including sagging restraining walls and crumbling boundaries and do so after a full survey of the structural forces at work and a calculation of whether walls need further reinforcement if they are to avoid repair needs in the future. When we’ve finished masonry, brick, or carpentry repairs nobody will know that they’re not looking at a totally new build.

Satisfied Customers On Their Brickworks Perth

Bricklayer Perth WA are a dedicated team of proud professionals, proud of the work we’ve done and the way that we’ve carried it out. We work fast, not because we’re in a hurry, but because we know what we’re doing, we’ve done it all before, and we’re simply good at it. We’re local to the Perth area and its Northern Suburbs and we make sure our previous customers are pleased to see us when we meet in our neighborhood. We are delighted to say our customers come back to us over the years when they have new jobs to take on because they know we take care of them and get it done right. So trust your job to Bricklayer Perth WA because we’ll see you right.

Elevate your outdoor space with the artistry of Bricklayer Perth WA and create stunning retaining walls Perth that blend beauty with functionality. Our skilled craftsmen will craft durable, eye-catching walls that not only enhance your property but also stand the test of time. Elevate your landscape today – contact us to bring your retaining wall vision to life!


​Bricklayer Perth WA is a team of qualified and professional brick workers, block workers, carpenters, and general construction staff based in the Northern Suburbs of Perth. If you’re looking for a friendly, reliable, and affordable construction company near you then look no further because you just found us. Call us today, or send us your questions or your photos of work that needs to be done via the email on our email form.