Even the best built house will start to show its age. It might have been lovingly cared for and be structurally perfect but if the elements don’t get to it then fashion will. A lot of the work we get called on to do at Bricklayer Perth WA is breathing new life into houses that are still loved and have a great future but first need a little of that past smoothed away. We can face lift your frontage and rebuild your buildings but as with any plastic surgery you don’t want to go to the cowboys. Have your renovations done right with Bricklayer Perth WA. Whether you are trying to recapture the look of original features or bring an old house bang up to date we are the team to trust.

Repairs With The Help Of Bricklayer Perth Experts

Over time most materials will suffer from weathering and the weather in Perth isn’t always kind to paint, brick, wood, cement, and concrete since it brings both hot summers and heavy rainfall. Home repairs are typically put off and left until they are just too ugly to look at any more but why wait when you’ve got a really fast Planter & Letter Boxes bricklayer and general contractor in your neighborhood who can repair pretty much anything that’s starting to look shabby. If you’ve got windows or doors that stick, gates that don’t close, holes in paths and driveways, mold, broken bricks, or rotting wood then we can help.


perth bricklayingRepairing Renovations

Some of the work we get called on to do at Bricklayer Perth WA isn’t really repairing damage so much as putting right work that the owner doesn’t like any more. That could be bodged home repair jobs, or home improvements that no longer look right. If your home is a half century old or more then chances are that a number of changes have happened to it that have taken away some of its original features. These days there’s a big move towards appreciating original architectural features and we are happy to help you restore a home to the way it was meant to be.

Perth Bricklaying Service

You’re looking for a fast and reliable bricklaying service near you? Garden walls that are bulging or sagging? Extension walls that you’d like to be more solid than plasterboard? Renovating tired old brick with new, or replacing original bricks with the same thing? We do all of that, plus we can render brickwork to look like pretty much anything you’d like if you fancy a complete remodel of your house. Give us a call and talk about the possibilities.


Wood remains a traditional component of pretty much every house and features largely in skillful restoration. That could be creating new fence work, or putting in beams in an attic you want to transform into living space. It can mean replacing cheap window frames with period woodwork tailored to the right size for your home. It could mean kitchen islands or decking for new living spaces. The possibilities are endless so give Bricklayer Perth WA a call and talk about how we can bring a new lease of life to your home.

Elevate your garden or outdoor space with the allure of beautifully crafted planter boxes Perth by Bricklayer Perth WA. Our expert artisans will create custom planter boxes that not only enhance the aesthetics but also add functional elegance to your surroundings. Embark on a journey of botanical beauty – contact us today and bring your garden dreams to life!



​Bricklayer Perth WA is a team of qualified and professional brick workers, block workers, carpenters, and general construction staff based in the Northern Suburbs of Perth. If you’re looking for a friendly, reliable, and affordable construction company near you then look no further because you just found us. Call us today, or send us your questions or your photos of work that needs to be done via the email on our email form.