Rendering is the application of a ready mixed layer to the outside of a brick wall. Rendering as a process goes back to the age of mud walls because the smooth coating layer improved both appearance and weather resistance but in Australia it’s mostly known as a way of giving a fresh and modern look to the suburban homes of the 1950s and 60s which where typically left as a brick veneer. Rendering itself isn’t so tough, but getting it right involves understanding a number of subtleties about the way it will look when it’s finished and just what effect you’re going for. Which is why you need to talk to the pros at Bricklayer Perth WA before you get started.

Why We Render Our Walls?

Short of tearing down your external walls and replacing them with new ones rendering is the beset way of giving your exterior a completely new look. There are a number of reasons why you would do that but the most common ones we encounter at Bricklayer Perth WA are to stand out from the neighbors, to modernise the look of the house, or to cover up weathering or discoloration. The really good news is that rendering can do all three at once.


bricklayer perthTraditional Rendering

Traditional rendering can be traced back over the centuries as a way of strengthening and improving the appearance of exterior walls. The idea predates cement and you could say rendering started back in the day of mud huts. Today ‘traditional’ rendering involves preparing the wall thoroughly by washing it down and scrubbing any damage and then fixing batons every few metres to help the render grip and ensure that the layer is flat and even. Then we apply a mix of sand, cement, and lime to create the render. Traditional rendering has survived the test of time because it works and for brick it’s often reckoned to be the best, but it has its limitations and is not recommended for concrete walls. Traditional rendering doesn’t use chemical solvents so a lot of modern homeowners choose it for its natural origins and non-toxicity for family and furry family members.

Acrylic Rendering

Acrylic rendering gets over the problems that traditional render has with concrete and cement and offers increased water resistance to boot so where damp problems or drainage are an issue it may well be your best bet. Acrylic render also dries in a couple of days rather than the weeks for traditional. Talk to Bricklayer Perth WA about what kind of rendering, or what mix of renders will give the best results for your home.


Colors and Finishes

There’s pretty much no limit now to way your render can look. The way the render is mixed allows for any number of different finishes and textures from rough and bumpy to silky and in the case of acrylic render even gleaming smooth. Render can be any color you like, and modern render can even have styles like marble or other stone. Talk to Bricklayer Perth WA about the eye opening range of choices on offer.

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