Where you have soil at two different levels – like a gap between the side of your home and a bank of earth, or anywhere where the path or driveway is cut into an embankment then you need a retaining wall to hold that soil back. Bricklayer Perth WA are experts at building those retaining walls so that they are tough enough to hold back the earth while looking good and fitting with the style of your home.

Surveying For Retaining Walls Perth

The strength of the wall required depends on the amount of soil to be held back, the soil type and its soil friction factor. It takes an experienced professional to properly survey the site and calculate the forces at play so as to design the type and thickness of retaining wall that won’t just look good but will look good for a lifetime without losing the never ending scrummage with the soil. Bricklayer Perth WA are experts at this job and will take a look at the height difference between the levels and the type of soil because soil type affects the amount it moves. Then we have to look at the elevation and aspect to help predict the amount of water and the physics of how that loads the wall holding back the soil. Finally we calculate the sheer tonnage and see which of several types of retaining wall foundation or anchoring will be best to resist the push.


brickworks perthExcavating for Footings

For very slight differences in soil height and a very light soil type a simple gravity wall may suffice. That means the strength and weight of the wall material is enough to hold back the soil. Usually though that’s not the case for anything other than decorative walling or planters. Where there is serious soil to hold back Bricklayer Perth WA will dig down into the soil to lay subsoil footings to increase the holding power by having the soil itself help anchor the wall in place.


Types of Wall

The wall has to be designed to hold back the soil but there are number of different types of wall that Bricklayer Perth WA can put in place for you. As bricklayers we can build you a beautiful traditional brick wall to hold back any amount of soil or we can have a decorative limestone block facing for it. Perhaps you want to consider a combination of brick garden walls with brick paving which can look fantastic. Alternatively if looks aren’t your first priority there are ways of building a retaining wall using pre-shaped concrete panels for a post and panel style reinforced wall.


Maintenance After Retaining Walls Perth

Perhaps you have an existing retaining wall but you think it’s losing the battle with the unseen forces at work on it day and night. We can help. We can come and survey your wall, calculate where and why it is struggling to take the strain, and repair it or remodel it to give it better strength. Talk to Bricklayer Perth WA about what we can do for your walls.

Define your property with distinction and elegance through Bricklayer Perth WA’s boundary wall services. Our skilled craftsmen will craft boundary walls that not only provide security and privacy but also become a stunning architectural feature of your space. Elevate your property today – contact us to bring a touch of timeless beauty to your boundaries!


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