Bricklayer Perth WA is your friendly local bricklaying and general construction specialist in Perth and its Northern Suburbs. We are masters of the art of brickwork and equally at home crafting the most modern styles or restoring old brickwork with perfectly matched bricks. We can completely change the look of a house by rendering your walls to make sure that you stand out from the neighbors or return older houses to their original look in the quest for authenticity. We are experts in the look of houses in Perth’s Northern Suburbs and have a lot of experience in the renovation of the suburban housing of the 50s and 60s where modern owners want to bring their look up to date. We take on wall building including retaining walls that are guaranteed to hold their own against the forces of your garden, even allowing for the subsidence that happens in the extremes of hot and dry we can get here in Perth. We repair and renovate, we build from new, and we can take on anything from house remodeling to creating attractive looking planters, letter boxes and window boxes to add those caring little touches that make a house a home. So call us now on the number provided and find yourself on the line with a friendly Bricklayer Perth WA operative who will be delighted to chat about your project. Or if you have questions or photos of work you would like done then email us using the address and form provided on this site.
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​Bricklayer Perth WA is a team of qualified and professional brick workers, block workers, carpenters, and general construction staff based in the Northern Suburbs of Perth. If you’re looking for a friendly, reliable, and affordable construction company near you then look no further because you just found us. Call us today, or send us your questions or your photos of work that needs to be done via the email on our email form.