At Bricklayer Perth WA we lay bricks like the pros because we’re brilliant brickies, but as if that wasn’t enough there’s a whole lot more. Being qualified bricklayers we’re also masters of walls, and the footers needed to help strengthen them if there’s structural work to be done – like restraining walls holding back soil slopes in your garden. We can build boundary walls to define and protect your property but also letter boxes and planters that help make it more welcoming. We can repair damaged or weathered walls, brick pathways, or fencing and we’ll match your old bricks so nobody can tell our work from the original. We can take a badly modified house from a half century ago and restore the brick features for that authentic period look. Or we can skillfully apply any of a number of professional render types to give it a totally new and modern look.

Whatever the kind of work you want done you can be sure that Bricklayer Perth WA will perform a thorough survey before starting the job, will give you a fair and accurate quote, and will do the job right, on time, and on budget. These are a few of our most popular jobs but if you have something else in mind then don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and talk to us about what it is you’d like done. Or maybe you’ve seen some work somewhere and wonder if the same can be done – in which case send us a picture and we can talk.

General Construction
Retaining Walls
Boundary Walls
Planter and Letter Boxes


​Bricklayer Perth WA is a team of qualified and professional brick workers, block workers, carpenters, and general construction staff based in the Northern Suburbs of Perth. If you’re looking for a friendly, reliable, and affordable construction company near you then look no further because you just found us. Call us today, or send us your questions or your photos of work that needs to be done via the email on our email form.